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Jerusha West is a British filmmaker and visual artist based in the UK.

With several films in development and pre-production, her films take the form of psychological dramas, characterised by a distinct lyrical realist style, heavily influenced by her background in fine art.

Her most recent short ‘Sea Holly’, 2023 (produced by Tuli Litvak and executive-produced by Ameenah Ayub Allen) is currently entering the festival circuit, having premiered in Berlin at British Shorts in January 2024.

Her debut short ‘Solidago’, 2021, was selected for Leiden Shorts 2022, Suffolk Shorts 2022 and GRRL HAUS Festival 2022. It was featured on Girls In Film, Minute Shorts, Wul Collective and chosen to appear in the editor’s choice section of BFI’s Sight & Sound magazine (March 2022 edition).

Jerusha graduated from The Slade School of Fine Art in 2017. Her work has been exhibited widely in galleries including The Saatchi Gallery, Belmacz Gallery, Tramps, Arusha Gallery and more. She continues a multidisciplinary studio practice alongside her film work; both her art and films influence and inform each other.

She acted professionally when she was younger, performing in numerous theatres around the UK, including Leeds Grand, Chichester, The Oxford Playhouse and The Arts Theatre, London.

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