Sea Holly, 2023
Written and Directed by Jerusha West / Produced by Tuli Litvak / Executive-Produced by Ameenah Ayub Allen / DOP Morgan K. Spencer / Edited by Catriona Delbridge / Cast includes: Ebony Aboagye, Nell Alcraft, Jim Caesar, Sam Bird & Ty Tennant

Returning to her coastal hometown for the 1997 general election, a young girl reunites with her school friends and is forced to come to terms with the loss of her mother. On the cusp of adulthood, she faces a new millennium, and with it the promise of a new age.

Through the eyes of Holly, coming to terms with the loss of her mother at a young age, the film captures a feeling brewing in Britain’s cultural landscape as it looks back into its recent past. Her personal journey of grief and trauma is reflected in the wider story of a loss of youth and innocence as well as the loss of hope. Set on the eve of the 1997 British general election, it’s a film that helps reflect on the changes that have come since to our world and specifically the UK: environmentally, socially, technologically, and politically. 

Sea Holly is currently entering the festival circuit, having recently premiered at British Shorts in Berlin.

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