Jerusha West


Selection of recent drawings and paintings made between 2020 & 2021 

Over the last few years I have been working on a continuous series of paintings and drawings, which have become an assortment of complex narratives - often fleeting moments between characters, sometimes in domestic spaces, sometimes fantastical. The captured and imagined moments between the characters are often social, personal and intimate - at points light-hearted; sometimes upsetting. Symbolism associated with the theatre has been an ongoing focus just as political and social undertones are often present. This allows for subtle reference to the confusing and chaotic time we are living through politically and existentially.

Title list:

‘Two Men’, ‘Young and Sweet, Only Seventeen’, ‘The Horses & The Sleeping Bag’, ‘The Dream’, ‘Pregnant With A Horse’, ‘Puppet’, ‘Swimming Pool’, ‘Married Men With Children’, ‘Hitchhiking’ & ‘When People Used To Talk About Brexit’.

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